Interpreting services Spanish-Czech

Tlumočení španělština

Thanks to my long-term personal and business relationships I’ve perfectly mastered Spanish and its varieties in the countries where it is spoken. I know well the culture of these countries and the specific nature of their inhabitants.

I’m swift, I can quickly orientate myself within the interpreted topics and empathize with the way of the speaker’s thinking and language. Before interpretations requiring specific expertise, I always make detailed preparations, and I also focus on continuous education in new topics. I can consecutively interpret Spanish in various fields of expertise. Interpreting of official acts, proceedings and formalities is the so-called court interpreting, where the interpreter confirms with his signature and official stamp the truthfulness and correctness of the interpreted act.

I offer interpreting services in the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

Most frequently required interpreting, court or without

  • determination of paternity by parental consent (or paternity recognition);
  • wedding ceremonies;
  • notarial acts (wills, prenuptial agreements, general meetings, sales of companies);
  • driving school examinations;
  • nostrification examinations;
  • interrogation of applicants for temporary or permanent residence at the Foreign Police;
  • negotiations in offices, courts;
  • business negotiations and others.